Martin Frey

Martin Frey, the author of the book Derek Jarman – Moving Pictures of a Painter, is based in Vienna/Austria/Europe. PhD in theatre studies and additional degrees in theatre, film and media studies as well as journalism and communication science from the University of Vienna. Research on contemporary Dutch theatre, lecturer at the University of Vienna – Institute of theatre studies, public relations work for independent theatre groups in Vienna, eight years of freelance work with the Filmarchiv Austria in Vienna and editor of the journal Filmkunst. Many years of research on the British painter and filmmaker Derek Jarman. In 2008 publication of the German edition of this book: Derek Jarman – Bewegte Bilder eines Malers. At the same time, intensive involvement with graphic design, numerous design works in the years that followed. Early 2000, founds a business, since that time freelance work in the areas of graphic design, project development and urban photography. Member of the International Visual Sociology Association. In recent years, numerous documentary and urbanistic photo projects, exhibitions and publications about Vienna, such as:

Shops with history – sundry goods in Vienna
Photographs of old shopfronts and businesses in Vienna. In collaboration with Philipp Graf, traditional Viennese storefronts currently in the process of disappearing are captured on film, together with their displays. (2011 – present)
Shops with history – sundry goods in Vienna

Vienna windows – Display in Process
An artistic and urbanistic project in collaboration with Hanna Schimek on the enigmatic displays of still-existing or already-closed businesses in Vienna. Publication in the form of a photoblog in progress (2011 – present)
Vienna windows – Display in Process

Vienna South Station
A documentary photographic work and virtual reminder of Vienna’s Südbahnhof, the rail station demolished in 2010 in order to make way for the construction of the new Hauptbahnhof. In collaboration with Philipp Graf, 2008 – 2010.
Vienna South Station

Air-raid cellars in Vienna
A photographic hunt for traces of the markings related to these air-raid shelters, which were placed on the facades of Viennese buildings during the Second World War and, until a few years ago, were still present as visible symbols in the urban landscape
(1992 – 2011).
Air-raid cellars in Vienna

Articles in journals (selection):

It has snowed since you were here, and your tracks are covered.
About the exhibition Derek Jarman. Brutal Beauty at Kunsthalle Wien, 2008
In: ray – filmmagazin, 07/08-2008.

„There’s no place like the Home-Movie…“
Derek Jarman’s Home-Movies und Super-8-Kurzfilme

In: ROHSTOFF. Eine filmhistorische Recherche nach der kleinen Form. Fanzine 1, Dezember 2004.

„Hier wird nichts durch die Blume, sondern alles durchs Geschlecht gesagt.“
Die visualisierten Partituren des Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo.
In: SMELL IT! Freundschaft als Lebens-, Produktions- und Aktionsform.
Hrsg.: Dietmar Schwärzler, Wien 2009




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