EuroNoize is a live music event similar to Eurovision song contest which took place this year on 23rd May in London at Scala. Different European alternative and underground bands performed at this music contest.

The music produced for this live event will be recorded and distributed internationally as a record together with the book and an exhibition at Kunsthall Oslo.

As a part of EuroNoize Kunsthall Oslo presents a selection of artists’ videos, rare films, home movies and music clips from different artists as a gallery-scale video jukebox, with a 5 metre screen, a 2K sound system. Among these artists is Derek Jarman with his Marianne Faithfull videos as well as Sigrid Bendz, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Bug Kann, Henning Christiansen, Shezad Dawood, Heldon & Gilles Deleuze, Holy Toy, Ewa Justka, Paul Kindersley, Klein, Felix Kubin, Rachel Maclean, Mama Bubo, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Lutz Mommertz, Mutamassik.

EuroNoize Exhibition
14th September – 27th October 2019
Kunsthall Oslo
Rostockgata 2-4
0191 Oslo