Marking 25 years of Derek Jarman’s death, the English actor, writer and singer Rupert Everett, who knew Derek Jarman personally is reading chosen extracts from Jarman’s diaries, Modern Nature on BBC Radio 4 aired on 24th June 2019 at 09:45 AM. It is in the programme called Book of the week, Modern Nature Episodes 1 to 5, aired every day starting at 09:45 Am and 0:30 AM.

This programme is recorded in 5 episodes at Prospect Cottage, Jarman’s former home where he wrote Modern Nature. The reading is followed by soundtrack of music taken from works by Benjamin Britten.

While listening through these 5 episodes one will be reminded not only on Jarman’s garden diary but also on his childhood and his time as an artist, writer and film-maker.

One can still listen to these episodes online, on this link.